How to Make a Disco Ball Planter

You’ll need:

  • Mirror mosaic tiles (I purchased two packs of 400 tiles and used about 600 total)
  • Glass bowl (I purchased the 12-inch bowl shown below)
  • Patience

I’m excited to share how I made my disco ball planter because the way I started making mine was incredibly inefficient (and pointless!), so I’m hoping this may help anyone wanting to try to make one themselves.

Applying the tiles

Woof. Good luck. You’ll need to peel both the front (clear strip) and the back (adhesive strip) off to apply them. I started from top to bottom, and it took… forever… hours daily for about 3-4 days.

My first instinct was to try hot glue, but I found that it was too easy to pop off. Then I tried school glue and discovered it takes way too long to dry, making the tiles slide around and get out of place. I figured out on day two of applying that the best adhesive to use is the one that came with the tile—no extra work necessary. You just peel the white backing off and stick.

Be patient and split it up into as many days as you can! Your future hand cramps will thank you. I was expecting this to be a quick project, so it became miserable after day two. Save yourself the headache and mentally prepare for a week of working on it in your spare time.

Adding a plant

Before planting anything, make sure you insert an adequate draining system to avoid root rot. I layered the bottom of the bowl with rocks and old cut up plastic lids.

In addition to the makeshift draining system, I highly recommend using moisture control soil just to be extra safe. Getting a plant in circular pot is no easy task (hint: way more dirt than you think you’ll need!) and if your plant gets root rot, it won’t be a pretty scene trying to remove it.

You can put any type of plant in the disco planter, but I will say big leafy ones look great! I’ve got a calathea (prayer plant) in mine. I love that the leaves close at night so it’s like the plant is dancing—at the disco 😉

You may also notice the rocks I have on top of the soil—these aren’t needed unless you have a naughty cat like Stella who likes to inhale the dirt and get it all over the living room!


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