Starting Stand-up in Atlanta

My 2020 New Year’s resolution was to do stand-up, but I had always wanted to try it–there’s something alluring about holding a microphone and telling stories to a crowd. The hundreds (literally, hundreds) of iPhone notes in my “lolz” folder have been begging me to do stand-up for years. It should go without saying, that was not possible in 2020. So, I extended my deadline.

My first open mic was this past summer (2021) at DaVinci’s Pizzeria in Midtown, Atlanta. They had weekly open mic nights on their patio. Plus, a pizza place felt like the perfect location to debut my “lolz” iPhone notes folder–and it came with an incentive to get my friends to show up. I told a bit about how much I hate Amelia Earhart. To be honest, it wasn’t great–but I’ve gotten better and wanted to show you all.

I’m still working on my timing, but I’m proud of my first time at the Laughing Skull Lounge in Midtown. Here is my four minute bit on men writing women:


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