How I Upgraded My IKEA Furniture

Coffee Table and Side Table

To dress up my $50 IKEA coffee table and $40 IKEA side table (LUNNARP), I bought faux antique triangle corner protectors to give it a more vintage feel. Here’s what I used:

How to add:

Get out your drill, hammer, and pencil to mark the holes. You’ll need to drill tiny holes in before hammering these in with the (hopefully, depending on which you buy) provided nails.

Trust me: It might be impossible to do this to IKEA furniture without a drill! I was unable to hammer them in without first drilling the holes.

Cost: $8 for a set of 4, so $16 to do both the coffee table and side table.


For my IKEA dresser (HEMMES), I used tiny jewelry box corner protectors on the drawer corners. Here’s what I used:

How to add:

Y’all, I literally used a school glue stick to apply these to the drawer corners. I wasn’t sure if I would like it, so I was afraid to actually hammer these in—too permanent! Plus, in the inevitable future when I buy a bigger dresser, it will be great for re-selling purposes to be able to say these can be popped right off if you don’t like them.

So far, it’s been over a month and they haven’t budged—so the school glue hasn’t let me down yet! Before applying these, make sure you clean the area first and then squeeze the opening shut of the brackets.

Cost: $11 for a pack for 48 corner protectors.

Painting the IKEA supplied drawer knobs:

While thinking of ways to update the dresser, I toyed with the idea of buying new knobs. I quickly discovered drawer knobs are expensive—way too expensive for what they are! So, I painted the cheap ones that came with the dresser.

How I did it:

  1. Sand knobs with sand paper. You’ll need to do this to get the new paint to stick.
  2. Paint them with several layers of gold acrylic paint, and then let them completely dry for at least a day or two.
  3. Use a paper towel to dab black acrylic paint to give it an antique look and let dry for at least an hour. I pointed a table top fan to help the process. Since it’s only one new layer of paint, it won’t take as long to dry as the gold paint.
  4. Coat with Mod Podge to seal. After this, I let them completely dry overnight and installed them in the morning.

Cost: About $3 for paint and $5 for Mod Podge.

I hope this helps anyone looking to dress up their IKEA furniture 😊 All in all, these were easy and fairly inexpensive projects that anyone can do. If you have any IKEA furniture tips and tricks of your own, please let me know—I would love to hear them!


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