Meet Stella the Cat

Stella is one-year old! And yes, she has a Twitter. She’s very busy so I like to keep everyone updated on what she’s doing. See pictures at bottom.

Here are some fun facts about Stella:

  • Her birthday is January 14, 2020, and she was given the name Cupcake.
  • I adopted her October 15, 2020, and changed her name to Stella–which is much more suitable!
  • Her name is a homage to the Seinfeld scene where Elaine is quoting A Streetcar Named Desire. A real two in one!
  • She APPEARS to be some sort of Snowshoe/Siamese cat, but we’ll never know.
  • Stella has never met a hand she won’t lick.
  • She loves to play, and her favorite kind of toy is a tiny pom pom or a wand toy.
  • She can’t jump very high and needs help sometimes. She’s also very clumsy, and falls off her cat tree a lot.
  • She is a fan of Bird TV on YouTube.
  • Stella lets me trim her nails, brush her fur, and brush her teeth! She is a clean and healthy girl!
  • Her favorite music is Music for Cats by David Teie.
  • Stella ignores all my plants except for my Boston fern (not toxic to cats). Sometimes she eats so much of it she pukes it up–despite me drenching it in lemon juice, trying double sided tape, and tin foil. Yum! So I moved it to my bathroom, where I keep the door shut.
  • She does not care for vacuum, but can be brave for the blender, small handheld vacuum, and hair dryer.
  • Stella’s favorite place to hang is in her window hammock right in front of a bird feeder, where she can watch her friends.

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