Auburn for Bees: Spring Recap

Last Wednesday, Auburn for Bees had its last event of the semester. We were invited to participate in Auburn’s Earth Day on Cater Lawn. We brought our buttons, bracelets, and stickers, as well as pollen for students to taste, a beekeeper veil to try on, and a drone petting zoo for students to hold bees!

Several students that day conquered their fear of bees that day once they learned about drone bees. Drones are male, and do not have stingers, so it was a great way for students to touch and hold something of which they were previously terrified. I was surprised at how many students were interested in tasting pollen for the first time, because I know I was a little iffy the first time I tasted it. I described it to students that it tastes the way perfume smells. It’s also great for allergy season.

This semester, we raised $2,000! Together, we accomplished the kick off of our new program, Beeducation, as well as obtained a plot in the Auburn Community Garden. We will continue to maintain the garden over the summer, and we have big things planned for next fall. It’s incredibly exciting to see Auburn for Bees grow into the organization it is today, from the small idea it began as my sophomore year.


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