These are three of my favorite research projects. Here is the complete collection of all my writings if you would like to read more.

JA_Poster_PrintJane Austen’s Dashes

For two years, I studied Jane Austen’s dashes in her original manuscripts, hand-counting and documented them and their use in excel sheets. The data I collected suggests some of the estimated dates of works are incorrect and illustrates how many dashes her editors nixed.

The History of the Word Pantspantalone

The etymology of the word pants will surprise you. It includes Edgar Allen Poe getting credited for something an American-Jewish playwright published, a Roman-Catholic saint, and underwear. Read one of my favorite research projects I’ve ever written.

KuchenmaistreyGood Eats: The Middle Ages

We’re often taught that food in the Middle Ages was bland and often rotten, when in fact, folks of the era were way ahead of their time.  Read about their preference of almond milk to cow’s and just how their foods tasted in comparison to today’s taste buds.