Ask Me About Bees! (Auburn for Bees)

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Last updated 6/16/19.

About For The Bees:

For The Bees (commonly called Auburn for Bees) was began in the fall of 2016. Once I learned just how important bees are to our society and that they were becoming threatened, I knew someone on this campus had to step up and do something.

Our purpose is simple—we are dedicated to educating others of the importance of bees.

The organization is currently going on year three, and will remain active at Auburn despite my graduation!

How does FTB do this? What do we do?

Two Concourse days every month 
We invite people to ask us about bees and selling our buttons and bracelets, and handing out free stickers.
Within this program, we travel to local elementary schools to talk to kids about bees. We often bring beekeeper hats for students to try on, a honey comb to pass around, and drone bees (they don’t have stingers) for students to hold and learn that bees aren’t scary! We do fun, educational activities with the students to help them learn about bees. If you are an elementary school hoping to get a visit from us, please email our Education Director, Hannah Burke (
Maintain a plot in the Auburn Community Garden
We maintain a plot in the community garden, in which we grow pollinator friendly plants, including fruits and veggies. Check out our photos to see some of the awesome plants we’ve grown so far!
Volunteer at the Auburn Bee Lab
We volunteer at the Auburn Bee Lab, helping in anyway they want us to, like helping paint apiaries or planting flowers.
We also participate in other Auburn events such as the Sustainability Picnic and Earth Day.

Where does our money go?

Educational supplies for Beeducation, concourse days and items for the Auburn Bee Lab, and other Big Goals, such as an observatory hive.