Yep, Another Quarantine Hobby: Meet My New Etsy Store!

My Etsy Store

Recently, I ordered rainbow window privacy film for my front door to give my living room a bit more pizazz. There were some sheer curtains, but I thought going rainbow would make the privacy part more fun. It did!

But–I had some leftover rainbow film! So I scratched my head and thought of things to do with it–I guess I could put some in my bathroom window (I did–it’s cute, too), maybe a moon phase (no, too basic), butterflies? my initials? (no, and no)–then out of the corner of my eye I spotted her: my framed Mattise Blue Nude. The brilliant gouache painted paper cut outs.

I started with our friend Matisse, shared photos online, and got an overwhelmingly positive response. From there, I’ve made “Girl with Pearl Earring” and another Matisse, “Dance” in different sizes:

They’re hand cut (I have the wrist cramps to prove it) without the help of stencils, so they’re all unique in their own special way.

I’m hoping to continually add more art-inspired pieced. I love art and what’s more fun than art adding literal rainbows in your house?!

I hope you’ll check it out! This is just a fun little side hobby. I’m starting to collect hobbies like baseball cards these days. What else is there to do?

My Etsy Store

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