My Life Post-Grad

Hi all —

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, and I wanted to give a friendly update:

I graduated from Auburn University in May 2019 with my degree in English Literature and Communications, and moved to Atlanta on the Fourth of July to start my position as a writer at a company named Alliant. I’m very proud of myself for getting a job (that I love!) so quickly out of school, and I’m loving Atlanta so far. I’ve settled down in Midtown. For work every day, I take the MARTA to Buckhead — yay for saving the planet and reducing my carbon emissions! I’m very fortunate to live next to the Midtown station and work next to the Buckhead station.

I’m still working on SOstraws with my friend Porter — we’ve come such a long way! We recently closed a deal with the co-owner of the Texas Rangers, Neil Leibman, whom we met at our competition at TCU last spring. You can read more about that deal and Porter’s interview with the Harbert College of Business here.

I’m still into my old hobbies — doing yoga, talking about how I do yoga, painting, Taylor Swift (her new Netflix documentary is amazing! Also! How lucky am I that she has an upcoming free concert in April, in Atlanta!?), thrifting, and cooking. I got a KitchenAid stand mixer and the pasta maker attachment for Christmas, so I’ve been getting really into making homemade pasta.

Speaking of cooking, I recently bought some homemade flavored salt from a woman who makes it in Atlanta, called Magic Unicorn. It’s INCREDIBLE. I love it on my green beans and roasted chickpeas. This is her website, for anyone who wants to check it out. (No, I am not getting paid for this. What am I, an influencer?) As for the next recipe I post, it’s either going to be my favorite pasta recipe or roasted chickpeas.

In other food related news, Atlanta has some cool restaurants, but I’ve yet to find any gumbo that’s an ounce as good as what I can get back home on the Gulf Coast. Hit me up if you know where to find it.

My New Year’s resolution this year is to try doing stand-up at an open-mic night. Wish me luck!

To sign off, here’s my latest favorite poem:

kept looking for goodness
kept asking everyone
where I could find the
good in the world
it was not
until I
my own
that I
to see it

“where to find itfrom Where to Begin
by Cleo Wade


See ya next time I reach another important milestone in life. Take it sleazy!

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