What I’ve Made With My Comically Small Tomatoes


Chicken, tomato, and spinach quinoa

I used frozen quinoa, olive oil, my Tyson’s shredded frozen chicken (that I’m obsessed with), spinach, and sliced tomatoes. I sautéed the tomatoes first in a large pan with minced garlic and minced onion, and then tossed everything else in.

I love this meal because it doesn’t take long to prepare since the quinoa was already ready to go. This was like, a 5-10 minute meal! However, I haven’t been able to find any frozen quinoa since 😦 it’s terrible! I’ve been having to make it myself and it takes three times longer.


Roasted tomato tortilla bites

Ok so they slapped. Like so good. I popped them like Chex mix. I wish I had made a hundred. SO GOOD.

I cut a tortilla into little triangles, brushed olive oil on them, topped with Parmesan, added my thinly sliced tomatoes, salt, pepper, and basil. I baked them for a few minutes at 350 and created the best snack ever.

Literally so good. I think I’ll make more tonight.


Tomato, cream cheese, and spinach pasta

Lately I’ve been buying pasta sauce (my favorite brand is the Prego Farmer’s Market line) from the grocery store and dressing them up a bit more. I’ve also been using theMueller’s Protein Pasta, and it has ended up being a lot better than I thought it would. It’s been a great alternative for my meals.

For this particular pasta, I sautéed onions, tomatoes, and minced garlic in olive oil for a few minutes, and then poured the Prego pasta sauce into the pan. I went ahead and tossed my spinach leaves in as well.

Once the sauce heated up and the flavors started to get to know each other, I added a spoonful of cream cheese in. A MAJOR game changer. Then, I added some pepper, and boom, I had finished making a delicious dinner in 15 minutes.

This is definitely one of my favorite meals I’ve made in a while. It’s so filling and dressing up the pasta sauce gives it such a lovely homemade taste, while saving time.


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