Makeshift Pico de Gallo Pizza

Last night I made tacos for my friends so I had a bit of leftovers that I didn’t want to go to waste. For lunch today, I particularly wanted to include the pico de gallo I made, because it was to die for–and only 4 ingredients to boot! The pico was just half an onion, an entire container of grape tomatoes, and cilantro chopped, and the juice from a squeezed lime. A little salt and pepper never hurt either!

For my “pizza,” I first preheated my oven to 400. I spread a little olive oil on two flour tortillas, then the pico, and topped them with shredded cheese. They baked for 10 minutes and this was the result:


It was really good for a quick and easy 15 minute lunch! I normally don’t like faux pizzas, so I was pleasantly surprised. The tortillas had a nice crunch that complimented the juiciness of the tomatoes from the pico without it feeling soggy. I’ll definitely make it again the next time I have taco night leftovers.


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