Quick and easy! Honey Garlic Shrimp Over Jasmine Rice with Broccoli

Yesterday, I made honey garlic shrimp over jasmine rice with broccoli with just what I had in the cabinet and fridge already. I’m definitely going to make this again, because it was surprisingly simple and did not take long.

I first marinated the shrimp in soy sauce, local honey, and garlic powder and then sautéed it in olive oil. While I sautéed the shrimp, I made rice in one pot, and broccoli in another pan.

After the shrimp finished, I took them out and put the finished rice into the same pan so it could soak up all the juices. I DID cheat a little with the broccoli though, because they were frozen and Tuscan seasoned already. I added a little salt and pepper to the broccoli while it was cooking, because its seasoning was already enough.

Then I sprinkled a little chopped chives on top of the shrimp and rice, and voila!

Recently, I made a private Instagram just to share my easy recipes and pictures of my plants with my friends. I’ve been having so much fun with it, and I hope to have more yummy, quick recipes to share soon 🙂


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